Wellness Coaching

At Gwelup Naturopathy Wellness Coaching is very much part of the Naturopathic Consultation.  The process is to define your health and wellness vision and determine the behaviours and strategies that you require to achieve your vision.

We focus on creating new healthy habits as opposed to losing old habits.  Once new daily habits are formed the old habits often ten to take care of themselves.  We work collaboratively to finding out your purpose and how you visualise a new healthier you. The process is to help you remain motivated in your vision and focus on reaching your desired goals by beginning with small achievable targets.   Through the process, the vision often grows and develops as each individual becomes self-empowered and confident with their ability to implement change.  

As a practitioner, I have seen clients grow and achieve outcomes that were initially beyond their wildest dreams.  By encouraging self-belief and self-worth personal transformation takes place……… Jill Forslind 

Wellness Coaching questions


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