Family Health

Helping families is incredibly rewarding. When applying holistic principles to health, it’s wonderful to have the whole family on board.   If you have a member of your family that suffers from a specific condition that may require dietary changes, then it is often a burden to cook separate meals, buy specific ingredients and generally have to allocate a  more time to one family member.  Being able to treat the whole family allows for a far more successful outcome.  This may include education and information, dietary advice,  recipes alongside incorporating nutrients and herbal medicines. The flow-on effect benefits everyone. 

Sometimes, however, the whole family dynamic is new and you are on a steep learning curve as you enter into family life and become parents.  As you feel your way through this brand new experience you may find you are learning by trial and error, often establishing a relationship with a Practioner at these early stages builds a good foundation for the future health and well-being of yourself, your child or children.

Naturopathy offers a holistic approach with simple, preventative measures alongside education.  Being informed is a powerful tool.

Babies:  As a baby adjusts to the world outside of its previous protective germ-free environment,  the baby’s immune system strengthens and the many organ systems mature.  Along the way, however, we can hit a few bumps in the road. Babies commonly suffer reflux and colic along with sore bums and cradle cap,  which can cause both parents and baby distress.  These upsets can be managed,  as they are often relatively uncomplicated. Seek professional advice as soon as symptoms appear, trust your intuition that something is distressing your baby and avoid unnecessary anguish for all concerned. 

Trust your intuition that something is distressing your baby

Children:  Children’s growth and development happens at an astoundingly rapid rate.  It is important that children are well nourished, well rested and have a child-like,  carefree attitude so that they can develop and mature physically, mentally and socially.  By promoting a healthy active lifestyle, with good eating and sleeping habits allows for a  happy healthy child.  Ensuring children reach the milestones, both physically, mentally and socially is of great importance and often a concern to parents, by discussing your concerns during a consult you will find treatment options available to you.

Conditions Treated: 

Respiratory: Coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, hayfever, allergies,  ear infections, strep throat,  tonsillitis, laryngitis, mouth ulcers, conjunctivitis

 Digestive:  Fussy eaters,  poor appetite, funny tummies, abdominal pain,  constipation, diarrhea, flatulence,  food intolerances, gastroenteritis, worms, intestinal parasites

Skeletal: Bone Health (imperative during development), growing pains

Common Infections:  Chicken Pox,  Impetigo (school sores), hand foot & mouth, recurring ill health, generally unwell, unable to bounce back after being sick.

Skin Disorders: Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, warts, ringworm. flushed and itchy skin.

Nervous System: Sleep problems, stress – anxiety, night terrors, bedwetting, behavioral issues, constantly excitable,  fidgets, withdrawn,  ADD/ADHD, Autism spectrum Disorder

Gwelup Naturopathy offers an extensive specifically designed product range for Babies and Children.   They are simple, cost-effective and can be part of your first aid cabinet.  If you interested in “Wellness Pack”  to assist with the most common ailments please contact us so we can discuss your needs further. 

Teenagers:   The good news is we have all been one so we may need to cast our minds back to that uncomplicated/complicated time, with no stress/or stressful, fun but emotional years, yes the see-saw of being a teenager.   With teenage life comes many changes,  not only within the environment but rapidly so in the body and the brain, changes that sometimes we are not to be able to manage as well as we would like to.  These big shifts need constant re-alignment.  Introducing teenagers to a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally is creating a solid foundation that they take with them through to adult life. 

Conditions treated:  Acne, weight gain/loss, eating disorders, hormonal irregularities, anxiety, stress, depression, mood swings,  anger issues, withdrawn socially, sleeplessness,  headaches/migraines, fatigue,  UTI’s, glandular fever, tonsillitis.

KIds to teenager


Mums and Dads:   Raising a family can take it’s toll on us as life seems to be at is busiest.  Caring for others often leaves us either forgetting about ourselves or putting ourselves at the bottom of the list.  Maintaining our health gives us both the physical and mental strength required to navigate our way through parenting.

By taking care of yourself you can take care of others



 Building strong foundations  towards leading a positive, healthy life is a skill that you will carry with you throughout your life   

Jill Forslind is available to do workshops/talks to small groups on the topic of “Family Health and Wellbeing ” offering simple and effective strategies and introducing you to a range of take-home products.  These fun informative talks will give you tools to feel confident in managing your family’s health naturally.

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