Hello and thank you for finding your way here.  This space is for me to share a little about myself and both my passion and vision for health and wellness.  

I am Jill Forslind owner and operator of Gwelup Naturopathy.  I  have been practicing Naturopathy since 2009 after graduating from Paramount College with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy.  

My interest in Natural Medicine stems back to my early adult life when I first noticed that nature had the ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.  It fascinated me that a plant that looked so depleted could be revived when the soil was nourished, given water and protected from the elements. The plants would then thrive and flourish and be the perfect version of themselves.

This so captured my imagination the seed was planted. If I applied the same philosophy of nurture, feed and nourish would I grow strong, flourish and thrive? Could this simple approach of repair and rejuvenation apply to my health? This is where my fascination and belief system began. By following Nature’s paths by feeding and nourishing yourself mind, body, and spirit this would allow for healing to take place. 

Once I  became a parent this philosophy was only further cemented in my life. As I watched my children grow and develop I  realised that the essence of their health lied once again in the nurture, feed and nourish philosophy.  They too just like the plant world could be the best version of themselves if they have been given the foundations to thrive and flourish.  A simple yet effective philosophy.

We often go searching for answers when they are right there in front of us.  Nature provides us with many solutions it feeds our bodies, warms our heart and gives us a peaceful place go.   We resonate with its ever-changing seasons, having wonderful blue skies and endless sunshine, to dark cloudy gloomy days, and sometimes very unpredictable weather patterns. How alike we are. 

I am deeply passionate about treatment approaches that empower others to reconnect to their innate ability to heal and rediscover the basic foundations of thriving health. I practice by offering Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine together with Nutrition and Wellness Coaching.  If you feel that you can connect to this philosophy I would be happy to work with you and inspire you to reclaim your health and be the best version of yourself.  Book appointment by contacting me on 0417 074125 


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